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Vol.54“What Satisfies Our Heart”

Here is a passage from an article that moved me a lot a few days ago.

“…the framework of the present-day society should be based on the vision of a future,
in which the brilliance of dignity rather than the brilliance of wealth is pursued…this signifies the spirit of compassion toward those who suffer and never neglecting to rescue them…”

This passage shows us the supreme way of living our lives and the highest level of one’s spiritual state.

The present-day Japan is blessed with material abundance on one hand, but on the other the society lacks in something spiritual. The awareness of this fact agonizes one
and drives one to the edge of a cliff in desperation.

Such a state of mind is apparent in the wide range of age groups of adults and children,
losing the balance between the body and the mind.

One of my patients said recently that she seriously wanted all the portable phones to entirely disappear from the whole world. She may have had some personal reasons for making the remark, but her utterance made me feel that she was spiritually exhausted.

We must realize, however, that the most seriously suffering people are capable of understanding and extending a helping hand to the people also suffering like themselves.

The only way to cure the spiritual wounds of the people living today’s society exists in expanding one’s mind, trusting and respecting each other as “dignified individual human beings."

The above passage made me realize that the root of genuine satisfaction of the heart resides within such an expansive spiritual richness.